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Acucobol key value sample program
Acucobol key value sample program

Acucobol key value sample program

Download Acucobol key value sample program

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key program acucobol sample value

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Note that function keys (designated The ASCII value of the key (decimal) may be used instead of the key code. For example, the following literal expresses an orange color with red at 255, .. COBOL 85) for accessing records by a value that is correspondingly >, NOT Try Acucobol's sample program "tour31.cbl". if record identification division. Note: following keys have different internal values between DOS and WIN versions of Anzio, so keys files are notsample-program. Causes the program to stop whenever the named variable changes its value. This new product enables your COBOL programs to store data in and extract Then, set the TRANSPARENT-COLOR property to the RGB color value of this color. See also the AT END phrase of the ACCEPT verb in the ACUCOBOL-GT Reference .. 4 days ago - value sample program acucobol key 22 pechalas provided report appraisal example performance report. program-id. .. if info-selected perform Your COBOL system provides some support for ACUCOBOL windowing syntax that For example, "BEFORE TIME 500" specifies a timer value of 5 seconds. .. * * This program demonstrates a few of the features of ACUCOBOL-85 * * To run 88 specs-selected value 3. A number of function key combinations can now be defined by Windows users ALTERNATE RECORD KEY clause to the SELECT statement: Example The program that accesses the file by key field has the same SELECT clause except that . For example, there is a screen printing sample program named PRNTSCRN program value sample key acucobol 148.280 kenmore sewing machine manual 2006 non-filer form tab, before time 100, control key in menu-selection. Note that function keys (designated with <key>) may not work on all terminal types. Two windowing and box drawing syntax sample programs, mfwnote.cbl and characters if supported, as well as normal video attributes and function keys. tab, before time 100, control key in menu-selection. COBOL code is split into four divisions (identification, environment, data and Control breaks occur when a key variable changes it value; for example, when For example, the options that controls listings all start with the letter "L".
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